Today I will.

I’ve decided to start another category of blog posts called ‘Today I Will.’ 

Each morning I will decide on something either small or big that I want to do on that day, and then on the evening I will do a post about that thing being accomplished. 

These things could include; 

  • Go for a run 
  • Try a new food 
  • Buy a book 
  • Have a relaxing bath 

Or much bigger ones like; 

  • Go to a wedding 
  • Change my life 

Life is a beautiful thing, and so many of its beautiful things go unnoticed, I plan to document them happening as much as possible now. I want something to look back on in the future years to see all of the different things which I have done. 

I like to celebrate all accomplishments, regardless of if they are big or small. 

Let’s begin, today I am going to cook a meal for my family. 

I’ll do an update later on how it went! 

Until the next time, 




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