Cook a meal

Today I wanted to cook a meal. 

I told my parents at breakfast time that I was going to make their tea tonight. I knew I wanted to make a pasta dish.

So when I came in from work I changed into my cosy pijamas, tied my hair back, pored myself a drink (actually my dad did that part, he makes a fab Vodka Orange) and blasted my favourite CD at the moment.

I decided to cook a pasta dish, with lots of veggies in. I opted for pepper, onion (regular and spring), garlic and tomatoes. I used a cream cheese sauce and added alioli. I also added some mozerella and season all for flavour.

It was delicious!

My Mam and Dad thought so too, there wasn’t any left at all afterwards. It was very satisfying to eat a meal knowing I had selected every flavour and made it myself.

I love cooking and it’s something I would like to start doing more often. The only part I don’t like is… the cleaning up! So I better get on with that now unfortunately.

Until the next time,




5 thoughts on “Cook a meal

  1. MegzMoz says:

    I’m the new designated Sunday dinner chef at home and I’ve absolutely loved doing it. Sitting down with everyone and seeing how much they enjoy food you made is heartwarming! xxx


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